March 26, 2021

Dead Stock Collection Style Preview.

By Ogechukwu Ajibe
Dead Stock Collection Style Preview.


           Dead Stock Collection Style Preview.

As I get ready to launch my first dead stock collection today, march 26th 12pm PST, I decided to make this blog post showing all the items that would be available on my website, both styles and prices. Can't wait to see you all by 12pm, Please if you have any question please send me an email at


Name: Flower dress,

Size: Few sizes available

Price: $144 CAD.  

Name: Carrot Wrap dress. 

Size: 3XL

Price : $298 CAD.

Name: Liberty Dress.

Size: Available in all sizes

price: $264 CAD

Name: Blue Rose Dress

Size: 2XL

Price:$186 CAD 

Name: Graphic print Merry Dress

Size: Available in a couple of sizes

Price: $236 CAD

Name: Tawny Love Dress

Size: Available in All sizes 

Price: $264

Name: Green Earth Dress 

Size: Medium 

Price: $224 CAD.

Name: Joy Dress

Size: 2XL

Price: $248 CAD

Name: Two Shade Dress

Size: XL

Price: 138 CAD

Name: Red Rose Dress

Size: 4XL

Price :$216 CAD 

Name : Umber Print Dress

Size: L/XL

Price: $144 CAD

Name: Pitch Black Dress 

Price: $144 CAD

Size : L/XL



Name: Blue Flora Turtleneck

Size: L, S, 3XL

Price: $98 CAD

Name: Face Print Day Top

Size: Available in all sizes 

Price: $128 CAD


Name: Coffee Will Tank Top 

Size: All sizes available 

Price: $98 CAD

Name: Green Earth Tank Top

Size: S/M

Price: $96


Name: Floral Red Turtleneck

Size: Few Size available 

Price: $98 CAD


Name: Green Leaf Top

Size: XL/2XL

Price: $138 CAD

Name: Polka Dot Everyday Top

Size: 2XL

Price: $138 CAD

Name: Yellow Turtleneck

Size: All size available 

Price; $98 CAD

Name: Egg Print T-Shirt

Size: M/L

Price: $138 CAD


Name: Cider Turtleneck Top

Size: S and M

Price: $98 CAD




Name: Amore Black Duster (Sleeveless Duster)

Size: XL, and 3XL/4XL

Price $228


Name: Amore Black Duster 

Size: XL

Price $228

Name: Watercolour Duster 

Size: XL/2XL and 3XL/4XL

Price: $174 CAD