About Us

About the Team
Ogechukwu Ajibe
My name is Ogechukwu Ajibe and I am the founder of Oge Ajibe. 

Growing up, I had many insecurities and low self-esteem. Fashion was the only way I had to express who I was and what I believed in. That people should feel beautiful in their own skin; color, body size and everything in between.As time went on, my self-confidence grew, and I started making my own clothes. Clothes that fit my body and allowed me to express myself in different ways.I no longer felt the need to change who I was. 

In 2015, I relocated from Ebonyi Nigeria to Vancouver, Canada and decided to start a clothing line. In 2016, I started a fashion blog called “Fashion Voice” and eventually became  a fashion stylist.Much later down the line, I finally landed on starting a clothing brand. I wanted my clothing line to have inclusive sizing as well as sustainably made and eco-friendly pieces. In 2018, I completed a fashion program at LaSalle College and launched my brand under the name Fashion Voice.
On December 3rd, 2020, I rebranded as OgeAjibe.

Oge Ajibe started out as an event clothing brand while still under the brand name Fashion VoiceWe focused on making outfits for events such as weddings, proms and birthday parties. However, with the on-set of COVID-19, all events were put on hold indefinitely. We were pushed to pivot our business towards ready to wear apparel. Considering our clients' needs even during a global pandemic, we decided to change. We switched to providing our clients with outfits for their everyday wear.

OgeAjibe 2022 Vision

  • Timely season releases.
  • More educational content on running a more sustainable, ethical and inclusive brand.
  • Improved wait times and product turnover.
  • Increased production and employment opportunities at OgeAjibe.
  • Enhanced visibility through collaboration with a major business or corporation.
  • More fun, colorful and comfortable clothing for all types of bodies.